Private Treatment Explained

Paying privately is the method lots of our patients choose to use. It's simple and convenient.

The benefits of choosing to pay privately


Choosing to pay privately is an option available for payment at our surgery.


When you come in for your checkup, your dentist will discuss your treatment needs with you, if any further treatment is required.


Having discussed your treatment with your dentist our receptionist will give you your estimate with your charges broken down. This means that you'll see the fee for each individual item and so you are fully aware of the cost for each service that has been prescribed.


At the end of each visit we ask that you pay just for the treatment carried out in that visit. We do not ask that you pay for the whole course up front, just that you pay as you go. This means that you can make your appointments at intervals suitable for your budget.


We accept payment by cash, cheque or credit card ~ for which there is no additional fee.






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